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The Power of Low Negatives For Your Online Business
There is a political strategy that has been used successfully for several years now. The idea is to support and push for candidates with low negatives.

This philosophy tends to suggest that a winning candidate may not have the overall highest degree of positives, but they absolutely must have low negatives.

If a skeleton is found in the closet by the news media this is a negative and will be heavily reported on in most cases. Since it is normal for the media to fixate on bad or negative news it stands to reason that negative press will gain the most coverage and result in a fluctuating opinion of the candidate.

While everyone was pushing for a very positive candidate at one time the new trend is to get behind someone who has a background with few potential negative reports.

The same is true with your Internet business and subsequent marketing. You want to make sure that above all else there are very few downsides to the product or service you are marketing.

By all means accentuate the positive. After all it is your website so hit the high points at will. Just make sure that you back products you truly believe have low negatives or have been adequately proven to have very little downside.

If you have a customer who discovers a flaw in your product and you don’t want to address the issue that individual can spread word quickly via the web and through consumer oriented feedback sites.

Let me be clear, your product doesn’t have to be the absolute best product ever produced, but it does need to do what you say it will do. Negative press can adversely affect your business.

If you can present your business with the aim of satisfying 80% of your consumers while not leaving a bad taste in the proverbial mouths of the other 20% then you can likely experience continued growth and customer support. Once negatives get beyond 20% they start causing your business problems.

For instance if you have a product that you feel could benefit from marketing the link between the product and a reduction in carbon output then you would likely benefit from this marketing strategy. If, however, you have a sense that this may be viewed as controversial then you can decrease potential negatives by not making this issue a cornerstone of your marketing plan.

We’ve all encountered products that are pushed heavily. The product seems to be flying off the shelf, but the business is abandoned in a short period of time. The reason is often due to known deficits in the product and the business owner just wanted to dump and run - get rid of the product before the consumer figures out it wasn’t worth it.

If you want to be in business online for the long-term you may want to consider choosing products with low negatives. The idea is to find and sell products that people have a heard time saying anything bad about.

When you devise a marketing plan based around controversy you intentionally polarize your client base and force yourself into a niche market. That market could be lucrative, but it could also be a frustrating disappointment if you should alienate otherwise willing buyers.

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